Experience exponential growth

with every successful sale

Reform Energy Solutions The Smart Way To Build Your Business

Exceptional Viable Proposition

We have created a unique :-

“Existing Customer, Ambassador Reward Opportunity” blending innovative thinking, customer-centric strategies, and an understanding of what motivates people.

Providing perpetual customer growth relationship marketing out performs every other marketing system known.

We are positively changing purchasing dynamics beyond recognition where delighted existing customers will recommend others and continue to purchase further products themselves.

Customer Motivation

Conflict Removal & Trust

The iRecommended Ambassador Reward System removes all conflict from a typical buying process.

Customers. advisors and the business will harmoniously gel together, not only to achieve their individual objectives but will become emotionally delighted.

Conversion Ratio – 100%

Buyers Remorse – 0%

Customer decision making can be baffling, learn from our extensive mental health, relationship building and marketing experience. It’s easy when you know how.

Relationship Marketing is the Future

The Need More Customers iRecommended Ambassador Rewards Platform provides YOUR existing renewable energy customers the opportunity to recover up to 100% of the cost of the products they purchased from you and reduce their return on investment period from the typical 7 years to 12 months.

Five simple steps

That will be transformational for your business

1 Exponential Trust

People have always been grateful and responded to advice from people they know and trust that will help them, its human nature not rocket science, its a process people love to do yet is under rated by most. Big Mistake.

2 Future Proof Professionalism

Just because an idea sounds unusual perhaps because you have simply not understood the concept it does not mean the new idea might not be very successful. In healthcare we call this the elephant in the room.

3 Relationship Perfection

It is a mistaken concept that salespeople are required to sell things, although their product knowledge is advantageous, existing customers, or “company ambassadors” can be better at the role, we have perfected the transition.

4 Highly Recommendable

The growth of checked and vetted type recommendation businesses has grown in recent years, but their genuineness is questionable, in practice leading to misrepresentation and untruthfulness. Only our system can be 100% be relied on.

5 Planet Awareness

Definitely the most important reason to invest in renewable energy products is to help the world repair the over reliance of fossil fuels. Our children’s children need us to put right what has been done wrong and leave them a livable world to live in.

good things just work, Here’s the proof!

A family tree is a visual representation of a person’s ancestry, showing relationships within a family. From single individual it branches out to include parents, grandparents, great-grandparents. Friendships are another similar type of hierarchy grown throughout life.

19.40 Million Family Trees in UK

Avon a UK institution was founded in 1886 by David H. McConnell and is famous for its direct business model, “Avon Ladies” who as host or hostess invite family, friends and neighbors into their home to see the product line earning commissions on their sales and recruit new representatives into the company.

Avon: $2.7 Billion Turnover

Amway is a multinational direct selling company that specializes in health, beauty, and home care products. Founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos, Amway has grown to become one of the largest and most well-known relationship marketing companies in the world.

Amway: $8.1 Billion Turnover

Tupperware Corporation, is a UK household institution, founded by Earl Tupper in the 1940s. Well known for its simple direct business model of independent agents, holding “Tupperware Parties” in customers homes, demonstrating and selling products as well as team building.

Tupperware: $1.3 Billion Turnover

Our Mission

Kick Starting the UK renewable energy market, Make a difference to the planet and peoples lives

When people truly care, it shows.

Committed, Creative and Motivated

One Life – One Planet

We need to take care of both

Something needed to change

Renewable energy generating products could cost zero within 12 months.

Our Vision

To ignite the domestic renewable energy equipment market place by proviing a game changing opportunity for ordinary families to affordably and profitably generate their own domestic energy.

Our Mission

Reverse negativity stiffling UK growth of Solar PV, Heat Pumps, thermodynamics and Biomass creating self sufficency and an income. When ROI is acieved on one product move to next and repeat the process.

Our Legacy

We want to become known as the company that made a difference. We watch amused as the country is trapped on the conveyor belt of insanity, countles fragmented ideas confuse and anger ordinary people, preventing action.